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Original Songs by MidiSandy

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Dave, Tony, and Vince

by Sandra Bradleyİ2003

Creative Commons License
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 I dedicate this song to my three sons
who are in the loving arms of God:
"David"   "Anthony"   "Vincent"


 I have three little ones waiting for me
in heaven, and they'll be the first ones I see.
Their lives weren't meant to last here very long.
I miss them so---that's why I'm writing this song.
They've waited for so long to look in my face
in heaven, for I have been saved by God's grace.
They'll want to know about Donna, Dan, and Brad
and share with them all of the good times we had.
Dave -- I love you
Tony -- I love you
Vince -- I love you
My heart still aches for you.
I yearn to hold you.
I never forgot you
My sons!
I am the only one they ever knew
in this world, within me they eagerly grew.
They only wanted to be my little boys,
and bring only happiness, laughter, and joy.
God in His infinite wisdom did know
in this world, the evil would tarnish their souls.
That's why I feel that He took them away
from this world.  I'll be with them always someday.
Dave -- I love you
Tony -- I love you
Vince -- I love you


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updated March 31, 2009