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Original Songs by MidiSandy

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Be of a Good Courage

by Sandra Bradley 2006

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I dedicate this song to the Pakistani Christians.  How many of us would have the courage to face persecution that may result in death?  Their steadfast love of Jesus the Messaiah is my example of the courage that all who name Yeshua Jesus as Savior should have. 

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Be strong, be strong, be strong
Be of a good courage
Your Father knows your name.
Fear not, fear not, fear not
Be of a good courage
Angels are there with you.
When the wicked persecute you
They can never wound your spirit.
Greater is He that's inside you
Than the evil
in- this- world.
Have faith, have faith, have faith
Be of a good courage
Miracles still occur.
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
Be of a good courage
Heaven will be your home.
Think about what's waiting for you
See it by faith, not by your eyes.
Ears can't hear and eyes can't see the
Wondrous things God
Be strong, fear not, have faith
Be of a good courage
Jesus is coming soon!

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updated March 31, 2009