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Original Songs by MidiSandy

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Download Instructions

To download MIDI songs:(1)For songs without lyrics--right-click on song title, then choose "save as". Title should display in box or type it in. Now left-click on Save Button. You may choose "save to disk"(your computer files), or "open" to listen now.
(2)A For songs with lyrics--Go to page where lyrics are displayed. You can save the music first with right-click on the "CLICK TO HEAR MUSIC" button. From the menu, choose "save as". Now, left-click on Save Button. Choose "save to disk"( your computer files), or "open" to listen now.
    B. To copy the lyrics to Notepad (or any editor): Open Notepad. Click on "new", under file. Next,highlight the text of the song. While it is highlighted, press "ctrl c"(be sure to continue to hold down ctrl when you press c). Now,go to the Notepad and choose "edit" on the top menu.A drop-down menu should appear--click on "paste". Another way is to position the cursor on the Notepad page(or any other page where you want the lyrics copied) and press "ctrl v"...The words should now appear on the new page. And, don't forget to SAVE the new page.
These operations work for me on Windows XP: I hope they will work for you.

If you want to hear my mp3 versions, including the ones I sing, click HERE

updated March 31, 2009