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Original Songs by MidiSandy

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Brooke is a Dream

by Sandra Bradleyİ2003

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I wrote this song for my granddaughter Brooke Elizabeth.


Brooke is a dream of a lifetime.
She only knows how to love.
Brooke is a poem with her own rhyme.
She gets the words from above.
Brooke sees a flower in winter
When no one else knows it's there.
Brooke hears a bird singing sweetly
When no one else really cares.
When my world is dark with fear
Lonely teardrops all  I hear
   Pieces of my past appear
And I know the end is near
Will I last another year?
        Yes -- because of you, dear.
Brooke is a reason for springtime.
She makes the clouds go away.
Brooke is a rainbow in sunshine.
She turns my night into day.
Brooke is a song that my heart sings.
She only thinks what is pure.
Brooke only cares for what good brings.
She is a dream -- that is sure.

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updated March 31, 2009