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Original Songs by MidiSandy

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Looking for the Angels

by Sandra Bradleyİ2004

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

For my Daddy -- Horace Walker Bradley
I inherited my love of music from him.



I cannot go with you
I must stay behind
And I know I'm gonna miss you
For a long, long time
Your eyes look so distant
What is it you see
Are you looking at the angels
But don't want to leave
You made me so happy
You taught me to care
And before you there was nothing
And then you were there
I will go on living
Thinking 'bout the days
Days of laughter, smiles and sunshine
Through an evening haze
Let the angels take you
Let them take you home
You have given me your best years
I won't be alone
Mem'ries will sustain me
'Til my time is come
I'll be looking for the angels
Come to take me home.
Looking for the angels
     Come to take me home
     Where I'll join my Daddy
     praising Christ the Son
     I'll go with them gladly
     When this life is done
I'll be looking for the angels
     Come to take me home


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updated March 31, 2009